La Tribune – 1st October 2015

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La Tribune 1st Oct 2015

The RWD Auto Tour hit’s the local french newspapers

The 8th RWD Auto Tour, building on the success of previous years, was extended to a fourth day to explore the more interesting and exhilarating roads of France … thus the fleet (of 19 supercars and a Harley Davidson) raced out of Beaulieu in England to reach its final destination Monte Carlo, the aim to arrive in Monaco for the Super Yacht Show.

They have travelled through some of France’s most beautiful landscapes and villages.  The programme … a journey of gastronomy, wine tasting, and relaxation, … the organiser, Jane McKeon, chose Marsanne as it is ‘such a lovely place’, with its Boules ground and Les Aubergistes restaurant.

The Mayor welcomed the first car’s arrival but was unable to stay for the others … due to mishaps and breakdowns some of the fleet did not arrive until nearly 2 o’clock.

Madame Legal assisted in presenting the trophy to the ‘Lightening Team’ … winners of the organised Boules competition whilst a broken down ‘Porsche’, safely parked and attended to by the tours mechanic, is restored under the chestnut trees in our beautiful gourmet and most treasured region … before hitting the road again due south.